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A new and innovative way to job search - Video Auditions

Record your video and Take part in the Video Audition!Record your video and Take part in the Video Audition!

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What is Video Audition?

Video Audition allows for candidates to go beyond traditional methods of applying and appeal to employers using their communication skills, creativity and charisma. Submit your video and start receiving scout emails from employers interested in connecting with you!

Top 3 Benefits of Using Video Audition

  • reason 1Have employers seek you

    Aside from your resume, employers have the chance to know more about you with the video. So when a company sends you a scout email, you’ll know they’ve seen both and interested in moving onto the next step. It’s like you are starting with the second round interview.

  • reason 2Connect with employers not present at the Career Forums

    Not all companies registered on CFN participate in the Career Forums. By submitting your video, you increase the chance of connecting with companies that you could not meet at the events and companies/jobs that you had not considered before.

  • reason 3Enhance your traditional resume

    Videos are an enhancement to the traditional resume. They can expand and show the skills you have to offer, so use your video to “show and tell” what employers can’t discover from your resume alone.

How to take part in the Video Audition

  1. step1

    Record your video

    Outline what you want to communicate to employers, your strengths, weaknesses, about an accomplishment, etc. When you’re ready to film, use a smartphone, digital camera or any device that can record a video. Remember, practice makes perfect.

  2. step2

    Upload your video to My CFN

    Go to “Manage Videos” to upload your video. Make sure to add a creative and catchy title to your video.

  3. step3

    Submit your video to the Video Audition!

    Once you have uploaded your video, click “Yes” under “Submit Video Audition” so employers can view your video. Now wait for scout emails from employers!

How to make the perfect video and attract employersHow to make the perfect video and attract employers

What should I use to film the video?
You can use a smartphone, a digital camera, webcam or any other device that can record a video. If possible, use an external microphone to get good quality audio.
Where should I film?
Preferably indoors and where there is no background noise. Make sure there is plenty of lighting or natural sunlight in the room when filming.
What should I say?
Using the below as a guideline, plan out what you want to communicate to employers.
  • In short, who you are
  • Your experiences, key accomplishments, strengths, others, that make who you are.

The introduction of the video should be interesting and hook the employer to wanting to know more about you.
How long should the video be?
Keep your video short and simple. Videos should be between 15 to 30 seconds, no longer than 60 seconds at most. It’s your chance to show off your presentation skill. Remember recruiters usually spend only a few minutes on each applicant, make it count!
Any other helpful tips?
  • Speak to and make eye contact with the camera, as if someone were on the other side.
  • Film from the chest up.
  • Ask a friend to film for you. It may make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable!
What is the size and file format of the video?
The maximum size of the video that can be uploaded is 500MB.
The file format (extension) is .MOV .MP4 .AVI or .WMV.
*Even if uploaded with the above extensions, there could be a possibility that you may not be able to upload the file if the video was edited with special video editing software or applications, which can alter the encoding.

Additional tips!Additional tips!

Shoot a steady video using a tripod or selfie stick

If filming alone, we recommend using a tripod or selfie stick so that the video will be steady.

Edit your video

If you’re used to editing your own videos, feel free to edit your video. There are plenty of free video editing programs and apps to try. Try adding captions, photos to add some originality to your video. You don't have to be a professional editor to make small changes that go a long way. Keep in mind employers aren't looking for the best well-written introduction or the highest production quality in your videos.

Record your video and Take part in the Video Audition!Record your video and Take part in the Video Audition!

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